A Wood Front Door May Be The Perfect Upgrade For Your Home

If you're upgrading your home and want to install a new front door, you should consider choosing one made of solid wood. Solid wood doors offer beauty and security as well as classic looks. Wood goes with all types of architecture, but it is particularly suited to historic or European style homes since wood has been used to make doors for centuries. Here are a few reasons why you should consider upgrading to a wood exterior door.

Solid Wood Is Heavy And Secure

A wood door enhances your home's security. A solid wood door is very heavy and it's difficult to break through. The wood can't be kicked in, so your door is as strong as the locks that hold it in place. Metal doors will dent when kicked, and vinyl can split, but wood, especially solid wood, will stand up to intruders. So if you're leery about investing in a quality wood door because of the price, keep in mind that the door will not only look nice, but it will also help protect your home.

Wood Is Versatile

You can buy a traditional plain door, but you can also buy one that has been carved with a unique design. Wood is a very versatile medium that allows for many different styles to be on the market. The decorative styles make wood a good match for specialty windows such as stained or frosted glass transoms and sidelights. You can also choose from different species of wood that have different colors and different types of grain patterns. All these choices allow you to create a custom look for your front door. Plus, since the door is made of wood, you can paint it a different color any time you choose. This is a nice perk if you like to change your color scheme fairly often.

Wood Doors Make A Good Impression

Your front door says a lot about your house. It gives guests their first impressions of your home. A solid wood door is a sign of luxury and quality. Wood doors cost more than other types of doors, so one gives your home an upscale feel. Plus, the quality craftsmanship adds a luxurious touch even if you have a small ranch home or bungalow. The exterior of your home and the appearance of your front door is very important to curb appeal. By the time your guests knock on your door, they've already formed an opinion about your home, so you want to choose your new door wisely.

Exterior wood doors have nice benefits, and while they're not completely maintenance free, you won't have to do much to keep your door looking good. The most important thing is to maintain the stain or paint so your door looks fresh and it is protected from UV damage, moisture, and insects. You shouldn't face many repairs since wood doesn't rust like metal and it doesn't crack due to cold temperatures like vinyl.