3 Inexpensive Ways To Increase Sales In Your Store

It's true – 85% of consumers still visit retail physical locations when they shop, although on-line shopping options are a big competitor. This means that you have to find ways to get the attention of shoppers, entice them into your store, and sell your merchandise. There are many pricey ways do this by remodeling your design or store layout, but here are a few ideas that still hold shoppers' attention without breaking the bank.

Set The Trap

An attractive, clean, and inviting storefront draws more shoppers than a dingy or obscure one. Sweep the sidewalk in front of your store and shine all the door and window glass until they sparkle. This shows pride in your business and boosts consumer confidence over time.

Place your "Open For Business" sign prominently in the window or front door. Make sure it can be clearly seen a block away. This leaves consumers no doubt you're ready for business. Shoppers need to see in a glance whether you are open or they'll get discouraged and not want to approach.

Also, make sure your storefront doors are in good condition by working with contractors like Arizona Commercial Door Repair LLC. Customers should be able to enter and exit your store with ease.

Make It Bright

Once your customers enter the front door, they want to be able to easily see your goods. Poorly placed or bad lighting does the opposite. Unless you want your store to feel like a hazy opium den, get rid of all the nasty, mismatched yellow lights. Then replace every single bulb with a new, bright yellow-white LED one. They will light up every corner of the store and save you money over time.

Now that your store lighting is nice and bright, you are able to play around with extra lighting and get creative. Try different lighting effects like uplighting, spotlights or even colored lights to highlight merchandise areas, draw attention to corner displays or focus on specialty merchandise and sale items. Some specialty lighting fixtures can be purchased at close-out sales and auctions.

Create A Path To Sales

Customers like to feel that a store has clearly designated flooring areas, such as the point of sale island. Don't let your POS area get lost in a sea of stuff – design your layout so that a purchase path exists. The sales area – the ultimate destination – needs to be recognizable and inviting. When flooring areas are clearly marked, customers are also exposed to more of your store inventory and you don't end up with traffic jams or lost customers.