Permanent Vs. Removable Storm Panels

Storm panels for your doors and windows are not only a good idea that could save your home, they are often required by law in certain regions. But, storm panels don't always have to be detrimental to your home's style. You can install stylish, plantation shutter style shutters that are permanently installed on the outside of your walls, or you can have removable panels that you just put in place when the time comes. This article compares the difference between the two choices.

Permanent Plantation Style Window and Door Shutters

Permanent plantation style shutters look great, but only if they fit within the style of your home. That is, plantation shutters have an old-fashioned look that doesn't look great on all homes. They look great on New England, Cape Cod, Italian, craftsmen, or rustic style construction. They might not look completely natural on a Spanish, modern, or mid-century modern homes. Many homeowners appreciate the convenience of having permit storm panels on the wall. If the storm is coming, they basically just close them and lock them up. This can save a lot of time and be very convenient if you live in an area that suffers and sudden severe storms. You will already be prepared.

Removable Storm Panels

Removable panels are actually more convenient for some homeowners. They usually keep the panels in a storage room or garage nearby and quickly throw them over all of the door and window fixtures when the time comes. There obviously have to be special fittings on the outside of your fixtures so they can be attached as quickly as possible. These fittings are usually small brackets that are barely noticeable, and they don't detract from your home style. That being said, putting up the panels is going to be more time consuming than simply locking your permanent panels.

For some homeowners, removable panels are the only way to go because they don't want to have permanent shutters on the outside of their home. Also, when you have temporary, removable panels, you don't really care how they look since they are only being put up to protect from the store. This just means that there is one less thing on the outside of your home that you need to worry about repainting or refinishing them over the years.

Either of these options might be perfect for your home. Just make sure that you consider the practicality of each choice for your home.