Protect Your Garage Door: Learn How To Control Moisture In Your Garage

Too much moisture in the air is never a good thing, especially when it comes to your garage door. If you have a wooden door, excessive humidity can cause the door and its frame to swell, which can cause the door to rub against the track when it moves. If you have a metal door, the extra moisture can cause the metal pieces of the system to corrode quickly. No matter the setup, moisture issues are never good.

Install Weather Stripping

A weather strip at the base of your garage door can help prevent water from outside from entering into your garage, particularly during periods of heavy rain. Excess water inside the garage will undoubtedly cause the humidity level to increase. Weather guards are economically priced and are typically relatively easy to install on your own. 

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Make sure the space is ventilated correctly if you also have your washing machine and dryer installed inside. The moisture that these appliances place in the air needs someplace to go, and if the garage isn't ventilated, the moisture will remain inside the garage. As a result, each time you clean a load of clothes, you could be jeopardizing your garage door. You will need to hire a professional to set up an exhaust system.

Open the Blinds

If you have windows in your garage, open the blinds sometimes. Sunlight has excellent evaporating qualities. So, if there is extra moisture inside the garage, the sun's rays can help evaporate it and improve circulation. You don't have to keep your blinds open all the time, but try to open them on especially sunny days. 

Close the Garage Door

Only open the garage door when necessary. You should not keep the door open for long periods of time. Keeping the door open will allow the outside air to flow inside. If the air outside is humid, you're also letting all this moist air inside the garage.

Clean the Gutters

Clean the gutters around your home routinely. If the gutters near the garage door are clogged, the water can spill over near the garage door. The water can then flow into the garage, especially if it's pooling quickly due to heavy rain. Keeping the gutters clean keeps the water away and helps protect your door.

If you've had issues with moisture control in your garage in the past, now might be a great time to have your garage door inspected. Moisture issues aren't always evident and get worse over time. However, an automatic door repair professional can pinpoint the problem before it transforms into something much more significant.